Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Windy Wednesday

My hubby is on vacation this week and can't go fishing because the wind is blowing so hard. This is nothing unusual for March. Not sure what is on his agenda, however I have an agenda today It should prove productive.

Today I am going to clean off the extra work table and recover it with the contents of my overhead paper storage cabinet. I have the usual paper products, copy paper, photo paper, construction paper, books, software and who knows what else is residing up there. I might even throw, no, donate some of it to Goodwill this week. Once all this is finished I will have a clean and orderly cabinet and a clean work table to start a watercolor project on.

Speaking of watercolors, last night I gathered watercolor pencils, a water brush and my small 3.5" x 5.5" journal and worked on some flowers. I painted them yellow outlined in a darker shade, added some green to the leaves and put in a light pink background.

I like playing with my watercolors and zen-tangle inspired art.

I started on the next page, it is peeking from behind, and will post that when finished.

I'm off to read my email and then pick up medicine for my little dog, Arrow. Once all that is behind me I shall tackle the paper cabinet.


I will do that today.

Til next time, Create something today!


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