The Challenge

Today I created something.

You can't see it but it is there. For me. For my son. For my husband.

You see today I created memories for us.

My husband and I drove 80 miles to spend the day with our youngest son on the ranch northwest of Corpus Christi.

Dane and his friend, Josh, are spending the better part of this week hunting, feeding deer, cooking, shooting guns and just having a great time. Dane has asked me many times to come up there and each time I had other plans and couldn't go. But today, the weather was perfect and my time was his.

When we arrived Josh was up and prepared breakfast of scrambled eggs with bacon, sausage (homemade of course), biscuits and orange juice. And coffee. After breakfast we drove to one of the deer blinds so Dane could get the measurements of a window that needed to be replaced. Then we went back to the new barn where the guys shot some rifles at a target. Too loud for me so I wandered around the bunkhouse checking things out.

Josh's girlfriend arrived and the 5 of us took off in the ATV. We went up hills and down in ravines. The guys put corn in the hog traps and set them in hopes of catching a hog. Corn was spread in the meadows to attract the deer. We drove thru mud, got out and walked in the brush and enjoyed nature. They even have an island on their property. That is way cool!

We saw several roadrunners, red birds, green and blue birds, rabbits, hawks and buzzards. The neighbors cows got thru the fence and took off running back home when they saw us! And cactus plants were everywhere! I kept wondering if they were harboring rattlesnakes. Good thing the weather was too cold for the snakes but the guys had their pistols just in case.

There were old trees on the banks of the stream were full of Spanish moss and the root systems were massive. It looked like a place where the fairies would love to live. I found white snail shells, some interesting bark, strange shaped rocks and Josh gave me a turkey beard. Sounds like a project to me!

After returning to camp the guys shot an old 22 that was made in the late 1800. This one was a lot easier on the ears.

After hugs were given all around Ray and I drove home so the guys had time to get to their respective deer blinds and hunt.

It was a day well spent creating memories with my family and friends. I know I won't forget it and neither will they.

Tomorrow I hope to create something tangeable to share with you. And it might rain! Perfect!

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J L Johnson said...

You created a beautiful memory and post. I felt like I was along for the adventure.