Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I need organization in my life

Yup! I have some many things going on and so many things that I want to do and here I sit in front of the computer screen telling you all about it.

Blasted Pinterest anyway! I love that site! I am so addicted to it. I am not alone though. I meet all sorts of people who share my addiction and we all love it!

So from Pinterest I have begun zen-tangle inspired art, purchased a digital die cutting machine, made all sorts of jams, jellies and canned items, scoured garage sales for glass bowls and plates to make whimsical flowers for my garden, bird feeders, decorated rooms in my house with re-purposed items and so much more.

Now I am creating little journal books, swapping ACT cards, participating in a mystery muse exchange and taking painting classes on line. Where does it end? It doesn't!

I just need to work out a schedule for each of these crafts. Did I mention I also build miniatures dollhouse scenes? That one has been going on for about 26 years.

And in between all these little sessions I will work in housework, grocery shopping and the occasional trip to the local craft shops, which can cause me to discover another new project.

So I'm off to start cleaning my studio so I can work on that schedule. I hope to have it done this week as my watercolor class starts next Tuesday morning.

Have a great life and create something!


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