Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I think we have all been there and will go there again. Frustration.

Tuesday morning I sat in line at Starbucks on Staples and SPID for a special treat, a venti caramel macchaito with no foam. I deserved this one. The line was long for 8:30 am and wrapped around 2 sides of the building and almost to the street entrance. We don't have a little guy with headgear on to take our order while we wait in line like they do in Austin so I sat and enjoyed the wait. I wasn't in a hurry since my watercolor class didn't start until 9:00 am. I braided my hair. I played a game of Farkle and slowly moved up in line. When I got to the back of the building a car pulling a little utility trailer pulled in the back parking lot.

First let me say that people who do not know how to pull a trailer should not be allowed to pull into parking lots. Backing up with trailers should be taught in drivers ed. This poor girl thought she was going to be able to turn around by making a large circle and heading back to the exit. WRONG! There wasn't enough room with all the cars in line. So she tried to back up. Let the games begin!

The car moved slowly backward and the trailer started coming toward the cars waiting in line. Then the car pulled forward. Then backward. This time she pulled closer to the empty parking spaces by the dumpster and tried to back up into the line of cars again. Give me break! Finally she pulled up and was between the dumpster and another car. She got out of the car and walked around to see what she could see. She looked at the line of cars still on the far side of the building, then walked  back when she realized there was only 1 way out. The way she came in. She got back in her car and tried backing up again and again. I considered getting out to help her, but decided not to. She was young and flirty and would probably get some young guy to help her out.

I finally made it to the window to pay for my drink. As far as I know she is still in the parking lot. I hope somebody came to her rescue.

Watercolor class was educational as usual. I even have a new pen to play with. It is a water soluable Tombow. So I can draw with it then use a paint brush with water and it turns into a watercolor effect. Fun, fun, fun!

And then my visit to the dentist went well. The shots they gave me at 3pm didn't wear off until 8pm. My nose was cold, my whole upper mouth was numb, I wouldn't even kiss my husband. If this is what botox is like I know I don't want any of that! Only the right side of my mouth is a little sore this morning so that's a good thing.

My frustration for the day is trying to get my Silhouette Cameo to line up and cut something I printed on the computer. Anyone know how to work this machine is welcome to come over and show me a couple of things.

I'm off to wash the outside of my Jeep, get some dog food for Arrow and back home to play in the studio.
Honie and Kassie. The horse is something I found.

Dane at age 3 and Ray Baby around age 10

And Trinity, Erin and Jeremy's daughter

Have a great day and go create something!


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