Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Junkin'

Today my sister, Honie and I, went junkin'. That is to say shopping the garage sales around town.

Every year there are 2 garage sale events held in Corpus Christi. One is the Jr. Leaguers Garage Sale.  There is a charge to enter this event: $5. We paid and went in. This year it was not so good and we got there about 2 hours after they opened and left with empty hands. oh well. Here I ran into a former co-worker from the Port of CC, Lillian, who is now a city councilman.

The sale other is the Morning Side Addition Neighborhood Garage Sale. There are about 10 blocks in this neighborhood and the residents are encouraged to hold a garage sale at their home. Some just have a table with a few items and others had garages full of items. We did make a few purchases but nothing to write about. I did see several friends who were selling things. Carol and Don (my miniature club buds), Mike and Gina and their 3 boys (I took classical guitar lessons from Mike), Steve, a former neighbor who moved to this neighborhood. I also ran into Joe ( I worked with him at Driscoll) and his son at a garage sale.

People I did not see were Chuck's World, the mayor, old school chums, my dentist, or any fighter jet pilots.

And that was my excitement for the day. I dropped Honie off at her home then drove to my home to let my little Arrow in for a while. Arrow is 15 years old and still kicking. A little slower but still kicking just the same.

The rest of my day was spent watching an episode of "The Killing" on Netflix, working on a couple of designs in my studio, reading my email and even took a little nap for about 30 minutes.

I hope to start a new section on my miniatures to share with you. This blog thing is new to me so bear with me as I learn my way around.

Todays pictures are happy faces of friends and family.

Let me know if you see any typos in my blog so I can correct it.
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