Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Already!

Lately it seems like the weeks are just flying by. Guess that's what happens when you are having fun.

Discovered this site and am having fun making 3-D tangles. I've printed out a couple of the shapes and will be drawing different tangles in each one. Then cut, fold and glue it together. Next time I need an idea of what tangle to draw, I'll just roll the Icosahedron.

I was finally able to clean my cabinet yesterday. Of course things got in the way slightly. I forgot I was going to help my husband launch the boat so he could work on the trailer. That took about an hour. Then I remembered I had to pick up the dog's medicine from the vet. Of course they wanted to charge me double and getting that straightened out took about 20 minutes. On the way home I stopped by the drug store and made a couple of small purchases. Back at home there was lunch to fix. Finally in my studio I started cleaning the extra work table when my son stopped by so I fixed him lunch. After visiting with Dane I returned to the studio.

Aw, the quietness was deafening so the radio was turned on. Now to work.

I emptied all the shelves, sorted paper, cards, software, books and miscellaneous items. The top shelf was sightly warped and the brackets holding it up are plastic. Needless to say, they stretched out of shape thus not being able to hold up the shelf. So a trip to Lowe's was in order. Ray Baby decides he hasn't eaten anything and wants a hamburger fix. Montana Mike's took about an hour then finally to Lowe's to get new clips. By the time we returned home it was 6:00-ish. I fixed the shelf, restocked the cabinet and decided it was time to chill.

I took my little journal and just drew last night. Haven't quite finished so I thought you might like to see some previously art work of mine.

 Enjoy and go create something today!


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