Monday, April 15, 2013

Starting Off With A Laugh

Today I want to start off with giving you a good laugh. I am a firm believer that laughter heals the soul and we should find something to laugh at every day, even if we have to laugh at ourselves.

Sometimes the biggest he-men are can be the biggest babies. This video brought tears to my eyes. Just watch it and you will see why. Be sure to have a tissue handy.

And if you like cartoons, you must check out Eric, the circle. Each cartoon is created by different people. I've even created a few. Here is the link to follow. You can join and create your Eric cartoon to share with the world.

Now for an update in my world.

Sunday was quite productive for both my husband and myself. Ray changed the light fixtures from my old studio to my new studio. The lighting is so much brighter now and I can see what I am working on again. Ray worked in the yard and I did miscellaneous things around the house. Can't remember what they were cause that was a whole 24 hours ago.

Today I can tell you about. After doing my weekly trip to the grocers and a couple of misc stops, I wandered thru Barnes and Noble for about 30 minutes. And I didn't buy anything. Just thumbed thru some books and magazines to get inspiration. Then I got busy at home.
The round bird feeder.
The rectangular bird feeder

The cup and saucer bird feeder

I took down the 2 bird feeders, cleaned them up and grabbed my newest favoritist toy - a can of spray paint. I sprayed both feeders lightly, then filled them with bird seed and rehung them. Since my paint was handy, I grabbed the 2 tins cans sitting on the kitchen counter, cut them into petal shapes and sprayed them white.
I cut these into petal shapes, spread them open and sprayed them.

I took the painted cans into my studio and painted the leaves a metallic purple and metallic pink with a little green around the stem. Next I got out my trusty soldering gun and soldered a nail into the middle of the cans and now I have 2 bird feeders made from cans that look like flowers.
The finished tin can flowers. I used the end of a paint brush to get the black dots in the centers.

Still need to put them on some sort of post but I will do that later. I have to get my watercolor supplies together since we are meeting in the morning. Update on that tomorrow.

Now I'm off to fix fresh trout for supper. Yum Yum!

Til next time, go create something

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