Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gardening Finds

I spent the weekend in San Antonio at my first ever scrap book weekend. What an enjoyable time I had. Those scrap book fanatics carry more equipment with them than a miniaturist! I leaned so much and got to play with all the die cut machines. I even made envelopes for my ATC's (Artist Trading Cards). Everyone was helpful and generous with their time, tools and supplies. So now I have another project since I have about way too many pictures to go through and organize. Then again, I am retired now...LOL!

This morning I stopped by the nursery and picked up a couple of plants. I bought 6 little Dusty Millers (Ray always said he liked these), a sweet potato vine ( I love the bright green color) and a red geranium (one of my favorites). When I got home I was going to plant these and then work on a scrapbook page or two and the Passport for SAM (Society of American Miniaturists).

But that's not what happened. I started planting 2 of the dusty millers. I noticed the hollywood junipers on the right side of the house needed to be trimmed. So I went to the garage to get the saw and decided to find a container for the geranium. I found one and potted that plant. I returned to the front of the house, planted 2 more dusty millers and pulled some grass that had grown over into my flower beds. I planted the rest of the plants and the sweet potato vine. I started pulling more weeds and grass and thinning out the airplane plants and snapping their runners off. Then I started on the left side of the house. I trimmed the hollywood junipers then started cleaning those flower beds.

One thing always leads to another and I am not too organized at times My legs are tired tonight. I finally got everything cleaned up and watered and went inside. It's a good thing, too, because a cold front came in and I was wearing shorts.

I did find a couple of things in my flower beds that I want to share with you.

When I was trimming the juniper I discovered an old abandoned wasp nest. I thought it was kind of neat and I might have to use it in an arrangement.

When I was pulling weeds I pulled something long out and tossed it on the ground thinking it was a lizard. I looked closer and noticed it was just the tail. So I kept this to show Ray Baby when he got home. Around lunch time, Dane and Aaron stopped by on their way back to work so I showed them my finds. After they both looked at the tail, it was decided, are you ready for this, it is the tail end of a snake!

oooooo snake farm, sure sounds nasty, snake farm, probably is...(Ray Wylie Hubbard)

So there you have it. My beautiful flowers are all planted, a wast is flying around searching for his nest and some slimy snake is slithering through life without his tail.

I was able to start working on the Passport but I'll save that for another day.

What's hiding in your garden?


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