Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tinyteri Tuesday

I like that title. It has such a personal ring to it. LOL (that is laugh out loud in case you didn't already know)

My husband sent me a picture on my phone a while back. It was of a large fish he caught. I simply responded with the letters WTF. Most people understand this to be "What The F***" as did my husband. He sent me another text asking me did I know what I just sent to him and did I mean to send it? I said yes. He asked if I know what it meant. I replied "Yes, WTF stands for "Well That's Fantastic!". So now you know it is OK to use these letters.

Saturday I met with my favoritist local miniature club, Scaling Down in Corpus Christi. We went over details and schedules for our workshop. Then we practiced teaching the project and making some minor corrections to the instructions. Afterward we went to the Blue Frog and ate lunch. I did not eat blue frog since I don't care too much for blue food, except blueberries. I had the quiche and soup instead. It was yellow, green and liquidy. And the best part of that part of my day was I got to be with my best-est mini buddettes and talk and laugh. I love all the ladies in this group!

Anyway, Sunday, My sister and I drove, well I drove and she rode, to San Antonio to attend a workshop. It was fast and furious, the workshop, not the drive. Honie kept up. I sort of forgot to tell her that Tami moved rather quickly thru the class and would talk about the next step while we were working on the previous step. After thinking about it a little bit, I have come to the conclusion her class is a bit like learning shorthand.

Remember shorthand class? Do they still teach shorthand in school? Anyway, I digress. While learning shorthand the teacher would talk at a rapid rate of like 140 words per minute and you would be frantically trying to remember the marks for those sounds and feel completely lost at times. Then the teacher would repeat the same paragraph at 60 words per minute and you would do much better. My sister takes shorthand and is about one of the fastest typists I know so why the struggle? It was a new art form for her. And this art form is not about perfection. The lines don't have to be straight and things don't have to match up and every one's will be a little different. I will have to work with her so she can complete this project but we will go at a much slower pace.

Then I'll take her to another class...

So Monday I got up early and made coffee. I must have still be asleep because after I filled my cup with coffee and tried to add creamer, I reached for the coffee can and almost scooped a spoonful of raw coffee into my cup. WHAT!?! Wake up, Terri!

I did better after coffee and reading email. I went to my doctor to see what is going on with the pointer finger on my right hand. They took x-rays and felt all up and down my hand and arm. That part felt good and I told him he could do that all day and I wouldn't mind. He just laughed. ha ha I was being serious... He couldn't find anything physically wrong so he gave me some cortisone to take for a week and a wrist brace to wear. Typing with a wrist brace takes some getting used to. I slept with it last night and did OK. Haven't tried to draw yet.

So today I am off to watercolor class and then to the Art Center to arrange the final setup for our workshop in February.

Gotta run and watercolour something. Have a super day and create something. (If you bake a pie save me a slice)

Waiting for the glue to dry

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