Friday, January 31, 2014

Last Day of January 2014

Where has the month gone? I have been so busy I didn't see it!

People I know whose name begins with the letter J are Jerri, Jeri, John, Jack, Jeanine, J.R., Jerry, Joyce, James, Joann, Jan, Jane, Janet, Jeremy, Javene, Janice, Joy, Jill, Jim, Jimmy, Jean, Joan, Joe, Joanna, Josh, Judy, Judith, Joey and Jo.

Today is beautiful! The sun is shining, the temp is nice. This afternoon I will be watching my Great niece and nephew while their mom sleeps before she goes to work tonight. We should be able to play outside and swing and slide and get some great fresh air. I wonder which princess I shall be today?

Last time we played I was Princess Sleeping Beauty (PSB) and Trinity was Princess Cinderella (PC). PC' informed me her job was to do all the chores around the castle, all the gardening, take care of the animals, and so forth. PSB's job was to sleep. That sounds simple enough to me. I can get used to this being a princess.

Enter the little brother, Shane, known in finer circles as Prince Charming. And what is Prince Charming's job? (I had to ask) Well, his job is to kiss Sleeping Beauty and wake her up! So much for taking a little nap.

Almost is never good enough. Here are my almost's for the week.
* I almost put a scoop of ground coffee beans into my cup of coffee. I was supposed to add cream.
* I almost sat on the toilet before lifting the seat. I hate it when that happens. I said almost to quit laughing.
*I almost had an accident when another driver decided to pull out in front of me? He must have been blind in one eye. I am such a great driver that I avoided running into him.
* I almost ruined a whole pan of spaghetti sauce by adding ground cinnamon instead of chili powder. I was able to fix it with chili powder and a little hot sauce. Ray and Dane ate it and said it was okay, maybe a little on the sweet side. After 2 meals Ray said to toss it and even Dane wouldn't take the leftovers so I guess this was not an almost but a did.

I have been busy this week with preparations to host the Society of American Miniaturists in Corpus Christi. Emails have gone back and forth between several committee members and myself. Labels to be placed on tote bags and projects bags have been printed and delivered, copies of hand outs have been printed and folded and name tags created.

I especially like the name tags and am probably putting to much effort into them but the SAM members deserve it! I cut (with the help of a great die cutter) about 90 flower pot shapes, colored each one with several shades of ink to look like terra cotta colored pots, folded the tops down for more dimension, stamped the base with flower designs and am coloring the flowers to add some color. I still need to add the little butterflies for some more dimension. They are really cute. Emily will just need to add the names across the top and put them in the badge holder.

More work to do like make cards for each area of the workshop, make a couple of large welcome signs to be placed on easels, a couple for parking, send information for a press release, work on my welcome notes and information sheet for my fabulous committee. I also need to gather what I want to display for 4 days and dirty up my potting shed project with some dirt on the floor and workbench.

Our display will be open to the public from Feb 19-22 at the Art Center of Corpus Christi. Our workshop will be held Saturday, Feb 22. The public is invited to wander thru and see what we do although they cannot take the workshop. So I hope you will stop by and introduce the kids to this great hobby. I'm really excited about it, can you tell?

Better close and let your eyes have a rest from reading. I hope each of you had a joyous January.

Still trying to get those thoughts out of my head and onto paper.


Jerry / Carol said...

You have such a good outlook on life since you 'retired'. Wish you success with the SAM event in February.

The grandmommy said...

I am glad in most cases you "didn't" I almost did a few of those things myself! lol