Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Zentangles to share

Happy Tuesday Evening!
I am a member of a Yahoo Zentangle inspired art group and each month we have swaps. There is a beginner swap for those newbies who are just getting their feet wet. These are usually done on ATC's (Artists Trading Cards). Last month I participated in a psychedelic swap...that was fun! I used some alcohol inks to come up with some really cool designs and tangled all over them.

This month I participated in 2 swaps. One is done in the style of the hollibaugh (a tangle that looks like pick-up-sticks or logs criss-crossed over each other. The other is a paint blob swap. We also send a nice little gift for the hostess of the swap, usually in the same style, as a thank you for hosting.

I only did 1 paint blob swap and am working on my hostess thank you gift so it will be posted later.

These are my 3 hollibaugh style cards. They are each 4"x6" as they were to be done post card size.

I filled the negative space with different designs as opposed to filling in with black.

I filled the negative space with a curvy line all going the same direction.

I left the negative space white here as I wanted to show off the tangles

I cut a piece of overhead transparency slightly larger than 4 x 6, wrapped 3 sides with washi tape, cut a half circle in the open end and placed a postcard tangle inside each one. This should protect the artwork during mailing. The paint blob was placed inside an envelope I cut from decorative scrapbook card-stock.

Now to work on my piece of mail art and send it off to Austrailia! Can't wait to see what I get in return from these swaps and mail art.

Til next time, go out and create something!

Waiting for the glue to dry

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